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Publication Articles

Magazine Articles

Bowen Technique Massage Article Condensed
MASSAGE Magazine, by Vicki Mechner
Issue # 106 (Nov/Dec 2003) pp. 102-107

Abdominal Massage Aids – Constipation Treatment
Massage Magazine
June 2013

Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy
by Roger Gilchrist
June 2013

Bowen Therapy
Gentle Touch, Impressive Results
Massage Magazine
February 2013

Bowen Therapy – Bowen Work
Bodywork Without the Work
Massage and Bodywork
May/June 2010

Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Sergical Intervention Averted with Cranio-Sacral Therapy
June 2012

Hand Reflexology – Targeting Stress, Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis
by Barbara & Kevin Kunz
July/August 2011

Qigong May Help Reduce Cocaine Cravings
Massage Magazine
June 2013

Reflexology and Headaches
Opening the Door to Relief
by Paula S. Stone
July/August 2011

Randomized Controlled Study of Premenstrual Symptoms Treated With Ear, Hand, and Foot Reflexology
by Terry Oleson, PhD, and William Flocco
December 1993

The Cranial Release Technique
by Adam Killpartrick D. C.
June 2013

The Naturopathy-Aromatherapy Connection
by Vatsala Sperling, Ph. D.
June 2013

Newspaper Articles

49er Great Roger Craig Still on the Run
Mercury News, by Mark Emmons
Posted: 10/03/2008

No Pain No Gain Kid
Sports Illustrated, by Jill Lieber
November 28, 1988

NFL Notebook Craig Sets the Pace for Running Backs
New York Times, by Thomas George
October 11, 1988