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5 Diet Tricks That Over Deliver To Get You Faster Fat Loss

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Tired about reading all those diet tips that seem to sound smart but never really make any difference in your progress? If you’re like most people you are very much looking forward to sporting a new and improved you in a few months’ time and don’t want to be wasting weeks, if not months, on techniques that simply just do not work.

You’ve put in the effort and now, you expect results. The problem is that if the effort you’ve been putting in isn’t on sound strategies that actually do deliver, that effort is going to be effort that’s sadly wasted.

That’s why your job is to figure out which tricks work so that you can start making the progress you’re after.

To help you cut to the chase, we’ve eliminated all those junky types that will only waste your time and stripped it down to the essentials. If you implement these into your diet, I guarantee you will see results because of it.

Let’s get you started.

1. Avoid Corn Syrup

Right off the top, if there was one change that you should immediately make to your diet, this is it. Any time you see the words ‘high-fructose corn syrup’ on a package label, run far, far away (and preferably, run fast).

This sweet ingredient is going to be anything but sweet for your waistline. Study after study illustrates that those with high levels of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in their diet gain more weight than others without it. Even if you eat the same amount of calories, you still could put on more body fat if you’re consuming foods rich in this ingredient.

So dieters beware: high fructose corn syrup now belongs on your hit list.

2. Stop The Food-Serotonin Connection

Want to know something interesting? Every single time you eat a processed form of carbohydrate, your body is going to release a good dose of serotonin in the system. Serotonin is essentially a ‘feel good’ hormone and is one that is often released when drugs are taken as well.

Now can you see just why all that junk food is so addictive to you? It’s not just that your taste buds want the processed carbs, it’s that your body and brain is actually craving them – similar to if you were hooked on a drug. If you regularly eat junk food, don’t be surprised if this habit is a lot harder to break than you thought.

Stay away from the start and you’ll avoid this additive cycle.

3. Keep Your Meals Regular

Just as you wouldn’t ask your car to take a road trip without any gas, you shouldn’t expect your body to do the same thing. The minute you start going too long between meals is the moment your body not only learns to store fat better but the moment your metabolism slows down as well.

It really is like a double whammy as far as fat loss is concerned. If you want to succeed, keep those meals regular throughout the day.

4. Breakfast Is Best

Similar along this principle, never skip breakfast. Breakfast eaters consume far fewer calories over the course of the day despite the fact that they are eating these calories in their morning meal. Skip it at your own risk. If you do, you’ll likely find that by the time 11 am hits, you’ve hit up the vending machine – twice!

5. Eat Foods From The Ground

Want a quick way to instantly improve your overall food choices? When you pick up an item at the supermarket, ask yourself if that item came from the ground or if it had to go through a manufacturing plant first.

If the answer is the latter, that product is one that’s no good for reaching your fat loss goals. The more natural the foods you eat, the faster you are going to see success.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Make sure you set yourself up for success. Little changes in your everyday routine can have huge pay-offs if you do it right. For example, rather than dishing up your meal onto an extra-large plate, use a smaller one instead.

Likewise, any treats you do decide to keep in the house, put them out of sight. If you’re constantly staring at them each and every time you open the pantry, it really is only going to be so long before you give in.

So keep all these tips in mind. See how many you can start implementing into your day in order to push yourself to the next step in fat loss.

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