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Achilles Tendonitis

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Achilles Tendonitis
Foot dysfunction, decreased flexibility and impact/overuse can lead to Achilles pain. NMT addresses trigger points found in the soleus and deep calf muscles that exacerbate symptoms and perpetuate inflammation.


Achilles Tendonitis – Case Profile

50-year-old male referred by his podiatrist for Achilles tendonitis pain. His doctor wanted him to receive a NMT in conjunction with a course of physical therapy.

360 NMT communicated with the physical therapist to coordinate care. NMT application focused on decreasing muscle density and trigger point activity in the calf (especially distal soleus) and intrinsic foot muscles. Cross-friction work to the tendon was performed to tolerance. Postural analysis and muscle testing revealed that the tendon was under additional load from faulty knee/hip alignment and hip weakness.

Four NMT treatments helped alleviate local calf tenderness and swelling at the Achilles tendon. Next, external hip rotators and muscles behind the knee were examined. Weakness in the hip forced an adjustment in knee alignment, thus causing abnormal gait and continual strain on his Achilles tendon. Pain fully resolved after 12 weeks of combination PT and NMT treatment.

This is a great example of a co-treatment case. Physical therapy worked with the patient to strengthen calf muscles and NMT focused up the kinetic chain for a more complete and speedy recovery.





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