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Pain In The Neck?

Pain in the Neck?

What are the signs and symptoms that you might have a neck issue? By: Peter Fuller, CBT, CNMT, CMT March 7, 2020 When you move your head, neck and shoulders, do you experience…

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Shoulder Issues

Shoulder Issues – Signs and Symptoms

What are the signs and symptoms that you might have a shoulder issue? By: Peter Fuller, CBT, CNMT, CMT October 21, 2019 When you train, do you experience pain in your shoulder? Are…

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Runner Knees

Preserving Your Knees While Staying Active

This time of year many people participate in competitions.  Whether it be a body building, physique, classic or figure model.  Or perhaps an Ironman, Marathon, Half-marathon, 10k/5k.  Or Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, or…

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Golfers Success Toolbox

Golfers Success Toolbox Golfers often spend hours on end practicing again and again specific drills… waiting for those practiced/ honed skill(s) to be used for a potential winning shot.  Only to wake up one day and feel unbelievable pain which may limit their play……

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3, 2, 1, go!

Are you ready for the CrossFit Open?

Are you ready for the CrossFit Open? The start date of February 22, 2018 is fast approaching. Anyone aged 14 or older can compete…but are you ready?  Have you been putting in the time, hours of practice, which are necessary to give yourself the best possible chance to do your…

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Shoulder Pain – Trouble Working, Training and even Sleeping

August 23, 2015 By: Peter Fuller What is it? Shoulder pain is usually described as pain in the shoulder joint. Signs and symptoms typically begin gradually, worsen over time. One might experience and/or feel tightness, tension, restriction of movement, cracking/popping noise during movement. Etiology/Causes If not taken care of through…

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Pain commonly disguised: Bruising, Shin Splints or Compartment Syndrome

by: Peter Fuller (September 2014) Do you have pain in your lower legs? Sometimes it feels like shin splints; other times more like a badly bruised muscle or deep bruising. Whatever it is, it seems like it is taking longer than it should to heal; and it is beginning to…

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Low-Back pain trapping you and you’re afraid to move?

by: Peter Fuller (August 2014) At some point in our lives, about 80 percent of the general population will struggle with excruciating back-pain. It will cause you to find new ways to get around. Some resort to waddling around, crawling or just trying not to move at all. It may…

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Pain in the Ass?

You might be neglecting your Posterior Chain by: Peter Fuller (December 2013) How Neuromuscular therapy and Bowen therapy may resolve your Posterior Chain issues? Posterior Chain – How do posterior chain muscles come into play? Let us define the terms:  Which muscles comprise the fabled "superior posterior." While definitions differ,…

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Foot Pain

by: Peter Fuller (October 2013) Neuromuscular therapy and Bowen therapy may resolve your Foot Pain? Foot pain How do muscle adhesions, fibrosis scar tissue and calcification come into play? Let us define the terms: Adhesions: an abnormal union of membranous surfaces due to inflammation or injury. Fibrosis: the thickening and…

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