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Common Trouble Spots for Runners

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by: Peter Fuller (May 2014)

Manual therapy may improve your performance and decrease your recovery time.

At the end of the season, runners state their bodies feel worn out and beat up from the rigors of pushing themselves in racing.  Does this ring a bell for anyone?  Do you know someone dealing with these or similar issues?  Complete Health Fitness would like to help.

Demanding training and competition has a way of breaking down the body and eventually begin to prevent a runner from maintaining peak performance.  Aches, pains, bumps, bruises may initially only nag an athlete, then may start to impede with scores and finish times, or worse, if left untreated, trigger injuries.

Common Trouble Spots:
Peroneus Longus
Peroneus Brevis
Hip Flexors
Lead leg tightness
Jump leg soreness or spasm
Low-Back pain
Headache / Migraine
Ruptured Fascia

Muscle adhesions, fibrosis, scar tissue, and calcification come into play; all of which may indirectly negatively affect the health of the body and performance of the athlete.

Tight tonic muscles means restriction of blood flow.  Restriction in circulation of the blood impairs cellular nutrition.  It also restricts hormones from reaching the cells, along with other important chemical substances such as insulin, glucose, fatty acids and hundreds of others.

At Complete Health Fitness we employ the use of specific manual therapy techniques to activate and prompt the body to heal itself.  The goal: loosen the muscles, improve blood flow, take pressure off of the nerve allowing the body to rest, heal and restore the function and structure of the body.

With focused, applied massage techniques, scar tissue can be broken down.  Massage will also increase blood flow to the area, thus providing more nutrients and allowing faster restoration of healthy, mobile muscle tissue.  This is why an ever increasing number of athletes at all levels are employing the services of massage therapists.

You work hard! Do you want to keep yourself fit and in Top Form?  Let’s work together to see if we can help you get another “season personal record”?  Feel free to call and schedule an appointment today.

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