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Low-Back pain trapping you and you’re afraid to move?

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by: Peter Fuller (August 2014)
At some point in our lives, about 80 percent of the general population will struggle with excruciating back-pain. It will cause you to find new ways to get around. Some resort to waddling around, crawling or just trying not to move at all. It may interfere with sleep, work, and put an abrupt halt to extracurricular activities.

After months of trying, the traditional Western model of medicine leave many feeling discouraged. Trips to the regular treating physician seem endless and do nothing; only result in prescription drugs. Referrals to physical therapy, Orthopedist and other specialists leave a person with a shot or two of cortisone injections and the pain just returns after a few weeks. Finally, a person is left trying to decide if a consultation with an Orthopedic surgeon is the best route.

For me, I always want to consider surgery as a last resort; after all other non-invasive methods have been tried first. Manual therapy at Complete Health Fitness may be the answer you may be looking for…and just didn’t know it. We specialize in Bowen, Neuromuscular, Thai table and Cranial Sacral as well as a host of other modalities.

We might start by reviewing your movement patterns with a Range of Motion Assessment, Postural Evaluation, Consultation and Examination. Then move on to discussing your daily habit of stretching, strengthening and self-rehabilitation exercises. These may impact the therapy provided.

One option: Advanced mobilization for the Back, Hips, Legs and Calves. (PDF available with your visit to the clinic) If done properly, typically it helps loosen stiff, tight, and restricted muscles.

Another option might be: Hang Ten with Sway, Lean and Tilt. (PDF available with your visit to the clinic) This therapy really opens up the body from the Back all the way down to the bottoms of the feet.

When the above is combined with specific focused manual therapy the results can be astounding; truly remarkable.

Where you are struggling with pain around your T12, Quadratus Lumborum, Posterior Hips, Inferior Aspect of the Scapula or tension in the entire Back down to the bottom of the Tailbone…give us a call. Life is too short to live in pain. Give Complete Health Fitness a call, we can help get you back to your best.

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