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Pain in the Neck?

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What are the signs and symptoms that you might have a neck issue?

By: Peter Fuller, CBT, CNMT, CMT
March 7, 2020

  1. Pain In The Neck?When you move your head, neck and shoulders, do you experience pain?
  2. Are not able to even do daily tasks, because your neck range of motion simply does not allow you to move the way you need? E. You are not able to look over your shoulder as you drive your car.
  3. When you go through your daily routine at work, school, play; does your neck hurt?
  4. Do you wake up in the middle of the night with your neck bothering you?

If you are struggling with some stiff neck issues, you might try the following stretches (illustrated below).

Combined Neck

  1. Turn head to left
  2. Turn head to right
    *Note: Do not tilt head backwards

Sternal SCM

  1. Turn head to left
  2. Lower chin, tilting face downward


  1. Turn head to left
  2. Tilt head backwards

Obicularis Oculi

  1. Close eyes as tight as you can


  1. Close eyes in a relaxed position
  2. Raise eyebrows as high as possible

Temporalis, Masseter

  1. Raise eyebrows
  2. Open jaw as wide as possible
  3. Move jaw to right and left

Posterior Neck Muscles

  1. Lock fingers behind head
  2. Neck in relaxed, forward position
  3. Weight of arms and hands increase stretch (DO NOT PULL)

Cervical Spine

  1. Gently grasp right side of head while reaching behind back with the other hand.
  2. Tilt head away until a gentle stretch is felt
  3. Hold for a few seconds

If after completing stretches and other self-care therapy, you are still experiencing neck issues, it may be an indicator that you need something more.  You may need to schedule an appointment for therapy.  We would be happy to conduct a postural evaluation, range of motion assessment and plan of action for you.

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