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Preserving Your Knees While Staying Active

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This time of year many people participate in competitions.  Whether it be a body building, physique, classic or figure model.  Or perhaps an Ironman, Marathon, Half-marathon, 10k/5k.  Or Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, or other endurance runs.  All of these athletes have similar things in common.  They want to be at the top of their game (peak performance), prevent injury and decrease recovery time.   This is where SMART therapy works best.

Runner KneesFor the body builder, we might release the adhesions and break up calcification; incorporate some active/passive stretching to help remove noxious input and improve range of motion in an effort to increase mind-muscle connection.

For the runner/biker/swimmer, all of those miles add up.  They may find that their bodies start to feel worn out as they continue to train.  They may be interested in some therapy to help reduce inflammation, increase circulation and speed up the recovery process in between training sessions.

For the cross-training athlete, they may have some bumps, bruises and working around an injury.  In this case, therapy sessions can be dove-tailed to meet each person’s goals, needs, and objectives.

With over 10 years of experience, it is no wonder why we have built a business and reputation to help others.

The body moves best when things are tuned-up, coordinated, and working in unison.  If you have not been, or are not currently under massage and bodywork care, then you may not have truly lived.

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