Benefits of Bowen Therapy and the Bowen Technique. We use advanced techniques to improve your life including Bowen Therapy , Deep Tissue Bowen Therapy , Relaxation Bowen Therapy , Sports Bowen Therapy , Neuromuscular Therapy and more. Whether you are as “fit as a fiddle”, “injured”, “looking for that competitive edge” or interested in “routine preventative maintenance”.

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What Is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen therapy is much like neuromuscular re-toning. Through the use of a very specialized series of rolling moves at specific points over the muscle and other soft tissue, the body is stimulated (treatment). This sends a signal throughout the area which in turn helps promote better body balance, body function and muscle re-education. Bowen therapy is unique in the field of bodywork, in that unlike many other modalities, much of the therapy can be done through clothing. In a very real sense, the sensory signal reverberates throughout the autonomic nervous system to trigger the body to reset, similar to rebooting a computer.

How does Bowen Therapy Work?

The human body transmits and receives signals in two primary ways: via electrical and chemical signals. Bowen therapy is a deeper, often relaxing technique where a sequenced series of rolling moves at specific points over muscle and other soft tissue are completed. These rolling moves are commonly referred to as the “Bowen roll” technique. Each series is followed by a brief period that allows the body to integrate and/or process the signal.

What Bowen Therapy Does?

Bowen therapy helps promote whole health by activating structural and/or functional healing even with longstanding issues. Bowen therapy stimulates the body (treatment), facilitates the expelling of toxins and aids in the improvement of blood flow which in turn assists in maintaining a more healthy, normal and supple musculature.

Why Bowen Therapy?

Whether you are as “fit as a fiddle,” “injured,” “looking for that competitive edge,” or interested in “routine preventative maintenance,” Bowen Therapy can help complement, improve and maintain your life and health.

What You Are Missing If You Don’t Have Bowen Therapy?

Bowen therapy can help encourage restoration to body balance/function and structure/function. In the process of living life, we often are unaware how we misuse, misuse and neglect our bodies. Often, we become out of balance and de-conditioned.  Bowen therapy is something you don’t want to miss. You don’t want to let this opportunity pass you by. This is something you need and should not have to live without! Why not do all that you can to assist your body heal itself?

What Clients Say About Bowen Therapy…

Clients often report rapid improvement after accidents/injury and progression in cases of chronic pain. Routine maintenance clients commonly state they feel like everything is back in shape. The Bowen therapy unique modality assists the body in healing and often sparks surprising and unexpected results, where nothing else has been successful.

“Life can be extremely busy and stressful. Through the hustle and bustle we often do not set aside time to take care of ourselves and consequently our bodies suffer. All too often, we don’t eat right, we don’t exercise like we should, we don’t give ourselves the appropriate amount of time to sleep, and we don’t even drink adequate amounts of water. As a result we often develop poor nutrition standards, atrocious coping mechanisms and find ourselves distraught when through our own abuse, misuse, and neglect our bodies become de-conditioned. We might even develop areas of pain, restriction of movement or even worse. Why not give Bowen a try? What have you got to lose? Take your life and health seriously today, seize the moment!”

“I played college tennis and since then had added co-ed soccer, polo, and trail riding to my sports repertoire. I gave birth to four children and at 42 underwent back surgery to clean up a herniation of my lowest disc in 2008. Until getting treated by CHF, my sports future looked bleak, and my body felt very old and weak. A few days after my first Bowen session, I felt a sense of euphoria bubble up from deep inside. Intrigued, I asked my husband to try Bowen (he was still unable to properly recover from ACL surgery in 2008). He, too, felt this post-Bowen euphoria. Even better, after a few therapy sessions, my body felt aligned, renewed, stronger.

Combined with stretching, Bowen gave me my athletic life back and a deep sense of wellness for which I will ever be grateful. Bowen therapy will always be a part of my life, even if I have to fly back to Roseville to get it! Thank you Bowen!”

– Katerina
Equestrian Rider & Tennis Athlete

“I can’t say enough good things about the Bowen Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy that I receive from Peter. I have a scoliosis (abnormal curve in my back), it’s something that I have had since childhood and have just figured I have to live with the constant pain/discomfort that comes with it. Peter explained to me that it wasn’t something to just live with; that he believes he could really help improve my health and wellness and manage the pain. I was skeptical but decided, due to his prices being so reasonable, that I’d give him a try. To my surprise not only did I feel MUCH, MUCH better after the bodywork, but I had a lot more energy and I was happier… go figure if I was in pain/discomfort wouldn’t I be happier when I wasn’t?! I just hadn’t even realized how much discomfort I had been in until after the bodywork and I felt like a brand new person! If you are thinking about Bowen and/or Neuromuscular Therapy, I strongly recommend Peter!! Give it a try you won’t regret it for a moment!”

– Anne
Insurance Sales Representative (Personal Line)

“For the last several years I have suffered from severe, debilitating migraines. One migraine I had was particularly painful and my migraine medicines were not helping. I could barely move. I called Peter to see if there is anything he could do to help with my migraine. Peter saw me immediately. His Bowen technique helped to alleviate the pain and discomfort of my migraine and my migraine passed within a short time of my treatment. Thank you Peter!”

– Autumn


“I was just calling to let you know that my neck has never felt better. I have never had this range. I cannot remember the last time I have had this range of motion and the lack of tension in my neck. My right knee was 100% better today. I did my morning stretches for my back today and my back popped/slid back into place. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your fine work. I look forward to seeing you at our next appointment Peter. Thanks again. Talk with you soon. Goodbye.”

– Rick
General Contractor

What do I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing. In order to be effective in the technique, therapists must be able to feel the muscles and be able to work through the clothing. Therefore heavy thick clothing such as jeans, khakis, etc. is not advised, nor are nylons. Appropriate clothing such as gym shorts, t-shirts, leggings, etc. are preferable.