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Be Pro-Active and improve your muscle health with routine bodywork sessions.

The aim of regular muscle maintenance programs is to try as best we can to help the body maintain and achieve the balance of homeostasis, which it constantly seeks and adjusts to attain.

Benefits include pain reduction, tension relief, improved mobility and stress reduction.

As the old cliché goes, Prevention is better than cure.  Regular muscle maintenance improves the performance levels of your muscles. If you address muscular problems when they first happen, you will save yourself a lot of unnecessary anguish. No matter how hard you train, how much effort you put in at the gym, or the track or field, no matter what you FEEL about your fitness level, you will eventually find that if you had incorporated a muscle care maintenance program, you would have been that little fitter, that little faster, that little stronger.

Remember, the incorporation of Muscle Therapy equals True Fitness

Prevention, as mentioned earlier, is better than a cure. As long as you have tightening and stress build up in the muscles and soft tissue, any exercise or work you do will aggravate the problem. While seeming mild at first, it can be the precursor to a major problem, if left unattended. Resting for a short amount of time after an initial injury can be beneficial; however, if it is left for too long it can allow the damage to achieve permanent status. The general rule of thumb is to get it treated by a qualified therapist ASAP, and then follow their advice.

Muscle injury is cumulative by nature. The most basic requirement for a good performance is the freedom of muscle function. It is important to remember that muscles, like many other area of the body, are treatable and maintainable units. Pain is not something to be ignored, and “played through”, pain is an indicator that there is a problem, and if not treated, it will eventually be reflected in loss of mobility, lack of performance, or at the worst end of the scale, a complete structural breakdown of the effected soft tissue, resulting in anything from a minor tear, to severe ligament damage, at times even requiring surgery to repair.

There is no guarantee that maintenance will completely stop an injury from occurring; however the well balanced and maintained body is significantly less likely to sustain injury, and should it still occur, in most cases it will be less substantial.

What do I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing. In order to be effective in the technique, therapists must be able to feel the muscles and be able to work through the clothing. Therefore heavy thick clothing such as jeans, khakis, etc. is not advised, nor are nylons. Appropriate clothing such as gym shorts, t-shirts, leggings, etc. are preferable.