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Why Bowen?

Bowen therapy can help encourage restoration to body balance/function and structure/function.  Through just living life and a lifetime of unaware abuse, misuse and neglect the body often becomes out of balance and de-conditioned.

Clients often report rapid improvement after accidents/injury and progression in cases of chronic pain.  Routine maintenance clients commonly state they feel like everything is back in shape.  The Bowen therapy unique modality assists the body in healing and often sparks surprising and unexpected results, where nothing else has been successful.

Magazine Articles

Bowen Technique Massage Article Condensed

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Issue # 106 (Nov/Dec 2003) pp. 102-107

Newspaper Articles

49er Great Roger Craig Still on the Run

Mercury News, by Mark Emmons

Posted: 10/03/2008

No Pain No Gain Kid

Sports Illustrated, by Jill Lieber

November 28, 1988

NFL Notebook Craig Sets the Pace for Running Backs

New York Times, by Thomas George

October 11, 1988

What do I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing. In order to be effective in the technique, therapists must be able to feel the muscles and be able to work through the clothing. Therefore heavy thick clothing such as jeans, khakis, etc. is not advised, nor are nylons. Appropriate clothing such as gym shorts, t-shirts, leggings, etc. are preferable.